New York is a busy and competitive market, that's why you're here or why you want to be. Let us help you navigate through the noise and make sure the right people are hearing your message.



Marketing, re-branding, social media, public relations, government engagement and event management all sound like critical tools to deliver a greater presence and drive growth. But do you need to do them all at once? Five boroughs is a full-service boutique Corporate & Public Relations firm based in New York City that assists organizations large and small. How much time will it take away from your revenue-generating work? five boroughs can help. Let us help you craft the perfect strategy, that targets the right people through the right channels for your business.




Need to refresh your brand, craft a holiday campaign or just kick off your social media? Maybe you need an original piece of research to better understand your customers' needs. We can help every step of the way. At five boroughs we work with a panel of graphic designers and have relationships with researchers that we collaborate with for the best creative solutions. 




Media releases, white papers, websites, facebook, twitter, instagram, blogs, opinion pieces, marketing campaigns, letters, invitations. Content, content, content. Who has time? Our team at five boroughs!  We'll write great content, with your tone that will get noticed by the right people. If you're passionate about managing your own content, we can provide a dedicated counsel and support with all the right tips and strategies to get you going and to boost your results.